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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 01/13/2003 12:03:37 CST
Subject: A Weekend to MAKE YOUR OWN History

Message Detail:

ou Imagine setting up a scenario whereby we could once again open communication between Washington City and the Maryland heights Station at Harpers Ferry? It can be done AGAIN using both telegraph and signal flags!

Look at the map beginning with the lower right hand corner.

1. Poolesville was the telegraphic link from Washington, DC.

2. Sugar Loaf Mountain (upper right station) was a pivot point between Poolsville and the Point of Rock Station. It also could communicate with Frederick City and on occasion, Leesburg to the Southwest.

3. There was a station at Berlin (now Brunswick, MD) for use during less than favourable visibility to MD Hgts. as there was at Barnesville for the Sugar Loaf to Poolesville line.

Maryland Heights could signal to Bolivar and Loudoun Heights as well as a telegraph line dropped down into Harpers Ferry.

It is doable you know. We can make the contacts on this end. It just takes early commitment and some folks who really believe that there is more to their involvement with the living history/re-enactment community than burning black powder, visiting event sutlers or touring the battlefields between mock engagements.

There is to be a re-enactor staff college slated for the last weekend in May, 2003 in this area. I'd like to hear from you between now and February 8th. as to whether you'd want more info on this proposal. Could we get some initial commitments, or even inquiries from some of the detachments (in or out of SCARD) and even individuals who'd want to experience something that no re-enactment could ever offer, i.e. original signal and telegraph sites.

Since we'd be focusing in on our communications efforts it is conceivable that Confederate groups could man some of the stations (as was the case during the actually War). In fact, this could be an opportunity for our non-uniform'd researchers to participate as a group at one of the intermediate stations such as Barnesville or Berlin (Brunswick, MD). We could work you in without putting any pressure on you unless a heavy mist sets in and then you're in the lime-light so-to-speak. (insert smile here)

I think its doable, and the time frame of May 30-June 1 will work, but there's a bunch or logistics to layout and to-day is not soon enough to reply. The Morse Telegraph Club is interested in this event. Are you?

We've go the telescopes, sounders and relays. Rise Up! Let's see some cyber begin flags signalling for attention, and instruments clicking ~ eh?

When responding, us know what your preferences are as to the station(s) you wouldn't mind occuping for the weekend in preference order. This could be an event you'll never forget.

Walt Mathers
PS Greg has SCA pin-pointed Louis Fortescue's Station well enough for your work-in-progress?

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