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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 01/04/2003 15:44:32 CST
Subject: Signal Haversack, White, Black Tarr'd and/or Buff Leather

Message Detail:

There was a lot of overlap of what equipment was being used in the field during the conflict and beyond. As you may be aware, many thousands of non-issue 1860's canteens wound up being re-fitted with light brown canvas covers and issued prior to and during the Spanish American War. To-day, some of these same canteens (and others that made it as far as Bannerman's) are being reto fitted and offered as Genuine canteens from the Whaoah.

Incidentally, now that you mention it, we are both actually speaking of the same haversack. The image you mentioned being up at another site originated from Max Zurko. Max mentioned this and showed me one of the images he had supplied to the Signal Museum at Augusta sometime ago and said...They (the images) looked familiar and then a light bulb lite up when he noticed, "Hey! That's my automobile in that shot." For whatever reason (and I'm not a curator, registar or other recipient so attempting to establish blame here ain't my fight), the photo-credit or collection source for Max' images appear never to have been transfered (if it was ever recorded in the first place).

The good news is that the brass ferrules you, or someone else, had mentioned wanting to see are now recorded photographically and are on file at the SCA archive.

Like the on-going haversack issue, however, we strongly suspect (aye we actually know) that the jointed sections of pole which came in Max' naval box are of a mixed bunch. One section is unique as the upper end is fitted with threads which slide up through a bottom loop band of one of the torches and into a threaded top band hole. It is believed that this is the post-war flying light. One section of pole has no threading inside of the brass ferrule.

More good news is that of the two torch sets (one 1 1/2" and 2" diameter in each set) one set may be considered to represent the dimensions of war-time torches with a few slight modifications.

The best thought of all for me is knowing that we are getting closer to understanding what may have been and what might be ruled out (well maybe ;>). The Signal Corps Association and its re-enactors division is a great place to study, share and accurately re-create. Proverbs 12:1.

Best Regards,
Walt Mathers

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