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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 01/04/2003 03:58:26 CST
Subject: RE: Signal Corps Organization

Message Detail:
Ken/Doug: Here's another subj well worth some special attention, and it might be worthwhile to trace into the period immediately after the war to see what is adopted and consider as poss indicator of the wartime thinking by the Myer group that couldn't be implemented at the time.

Bear with me on the CS analogy: I'd speculate that, with the manpower available in the North and the prestige and authority that accrues to rank, the US went for commissioned officers and thereby reduced the role of the sgt, as, in a sense, they did by initially making sure that only the officers knew the flag code. The CS had to operate under a strict, Congressionally-imposed ceiling, mandated in Apr 62, with one expansion in Sep 62. In addition to CS practice of instructing the detailed EM in the flag code, they enhanced the role of the Sig Sgts out of necessity, making them both asst to commissioned officer and--to use modern counterpart terminology--tantamount to warrant officers. As assts, they undertook the tng and supervision of the detailees. But as WOs, they could be assigned as OIC of a unit. (I have case of Sig Sgt as "Ch Sig O" for a general in SW Va. As a matter of fact, the "capt" who shows up in the OR as sig officer at 2nd Manassas and Harpers Ferry (Aug-Sep 62) wasn't even a sgt, but a detailed pvt!) One newly apptd CS Sig Sgt wrote his parents that he'd been given the best position the CSA had to offer!

I've found nothing to indic a TOE/MTOE/TD line of thinking on the CS side. All seems to have been ad hoc, task-organized, based on need, willingness of the Old Man to detail men, productivity, and the like.

Hope you'll pusure this and make the results known to us, either here or in the "Signal Cipher" (or both).

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