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Posted By: Ken Dombroski on: 12/30/2002 16:32:51 CST
Subject: Fabricating Signal Gear

Message Detail:

Does anyone have the specs for fabricating the below listed signal equipment. I have Brown's book and Myer's 1877 manual as references, but the information they provide is inadequate for the level of detail needed to fabricate authentic looking gear. Since I've never had the opportunity to examine the actual artifacts, it makes it even harder to imagine exactly how they should be constructed. I'm not very handy at building these things, so I'll need detailed instructions to take to various craftsmen.

Signal torches (foot and flying). How thick are the walls of the copper cylinder? Is this something that could be fabricated using 2 inch copper plumbing pipe? What about the small stand for the foot torch, how was that constructed? How would you make "wedge strips" to hold the flame shields and make the openings in the torch body? Are there commercially available double clamps that can be used hold the torch to the staff?

Torch Case: Do you start with a gum blanket and cut it to size? What are the dimensions of the pouches for the torches? Any need for grommets?

Canvas signal-case: How heavy a canvas should be used? What are the dimensions (circumference and length) for the case? How about the base - is it also made of canvas, or some other material? Would a set of leather blanket roll straps do for the shouler sling?

Copper torch canteen: Does anyone make a reasonably good replica of this item?

Flag staff: I have a pretty good idea of how to build this item, but where would be the best place to get the brass connectors? Also, the books refer to a six inch long brass guard on the third joint; is this in addition to the brass connection, and if so, how do they fit together?

Haversack: Early models seem to have been very similar to the Mixican War era white canvas haversacks. I've also seen a leather version that looks very similar to the gunner's haversack used in the artillery. Any preferences?

Any help would be much appreciated, particularly if you have scale drawings that you would be willing to share.



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