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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 12/19/2002 07:15:14 CST
Subject: Telescope Holders

Message Detail:

Telesecope holders were war-time issue items. The only one we currently know of was fitted to a Jas. Queen glass and was part of the possessions belonging to Lieut. Geo. Carr Round (Brown Sig Hist P.861). We have a few images of it at SCA archive. My hunch is that these holders were made in at least two sizes to fit both the regulation glass and the larger telegraph telescopes.

Basically taking on the appearance of a two piece barrel clamp, it is constructed of brass and clasps on either side of an iron taper'd wood screw with a locking wing nut. On the top end of the iron shaft near where it is sandwiched between the two brass side clamps is attached an iron leverage bar for screwing the holder into the wood. The brass wing nut goes through the sandwiched portion of the holder and screws into a round nut which is made secure to the outside back clamp (maybe by solder or brazing?).

The glass is then placed into the holder so as to clamp to the first draw out of the main leather covered barrel and is designed to assist in adjusting and fixing the elevation of the glass. The photo images we have on file shows Round's glass still within the sleeve of the holder.

The dimensions of the clamp appear to be about two and one half inches long, extends down perpendicular from the telescope barrel about three and one half inches while the iron 'tap-threaded' looking screw extends that length again out from the holder.

The holder was to be screwed into a fence post, building of other structures. Excepting extreme circumstances, it was never to be placed upon a branch or into the trunks of trees as the slightest play of the wind would cause difficulties in maintaining line-of-sight.

Should we have any willing draughtsmen in our Cyber ranks, it would be great to have them volunteer to prepare technical scale drawings of the various equipage and appendages we have been able to re-discover.

Ain't this a great forum site? Tnx Woody and Wayne! Now to get back on track (or should I have said 'focused'?), let's see if an image can be gotten out into Cyberspace for and eyeball inspection.


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