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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 12/06/2002 23:01:30 CST
Subject: Tribute to Dr. Scheips

Message Detail:

Thanks for your kind words concerning the tribute to Paul Scheips as provided to the Civil War News. Associate David Winfred Gaddy actually tossed me a number of good leads which helped round out the article. Amy Tuchek of the The Signal Corps Regimental Association (SCRA) also was of material assistance (another DWG lead).

Everyone who knew Paul liked him and he always could find the time to make himself available to those who were interested. His encouragement was often accompanied by research leads or contact names. He was an excellent resource and enjoyed seeing us tottering gleefully along in his footsteps.

Dr. Scheips believed in what our little Signal Corps Association was doing and was onboard with SCA from the beginning by supporting the association's monthly news artery the "Signal Cipher" with articles and letters-to-the-editor. He told me that he had waited a long time to see a group like ours up and running and was pleased all the more when he found out that we had formed a re-enactors' division.

I hadn't mentioned this before but Paul was a big fan of railroading. Over the past few years I did my best to set up times where I could give him a tour of the B&O Rail Road Museum over in Baltimore, Maryland but, as it does so often, time conspired against it happening.

Still, I'm happy to know that, as a result of your affiliation with SCA, you were able to become acquainted with Dr. Scheips too. We'll all miss him now that he's gone but will benefit from his research forever.


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