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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/24/2021 14:44:31 EDT
Subject: 160th Events - A Few Thoughts Concern'g

Message Detail:
Ahoy Matt,

Thanks for your precisely-worded post and your most timely question: "What are units/detachments doing?". It gives me cause to think back to our days of yore, such as the 125th and 150th series, when folks were asking the same question. >A Wink & a Smile<

Interestingly enough, the same 'old-head' individuals or detachments, supplemented by the newbies (recently 'gotten up' individuals, parties and/or detachments), will again be asking the same question(s), namely:

* what events are you hoping to attend,
* who will you be serving with and,
* on which side do you intend to serve?

The questions most individuals, parties or detachments, may not be asking are:

* what organization is sponsoring the event,
* who has been designated to draught the plans for engagements,
* who are the two opposing commanding generals that have been assigned to orchestrate the overall evolutions,
* who has taken on the duties of civilian co-ordinator, especially if wire telegraphists plan to attend, and
* when and where will the initial meetings and event-site walk-throughs take place?

Notice that I haven't yet asked who the designated match set US/CS chief signal officers will be? How many of to-day's event publications seem to have neglected listing signal officers as part of their staff appointment announcements? We need but ask to receive the answers.

Now, more than ever, event co-ordinators, and the re-enactor staffs they appoint, are resorting to online conferencing prior to physical on-site walk throughs. To-day's military public affairs slogan may be "An Army of One". If a signal operator intends to have himself appointed to an event's general staff, he should also be ready to field a functional signal detachment that, in turn, break into sub setts and serve at the will of the army's commanding general.

We would all do well to remember that, while a signal officer may be serving on a general staff, he ought to stand in as almost a personal secretary to the general commanding. Discretion is most required when explaining what a CSO is suppose to do. Do we know what to do?

Someone claiming a title of CSO, but not doing the ground work required, prior to the actual event date, is setting himself up to serve as a flashy ornament instead of a special individual, a commanding general would otherwise consider indispensable.

Enlisted or Officer --Have the answers when asked. Anticipate prior to being asked. And insure that you have the means to accomplish to task.

Historically, Union General George G. Meade was reluctant to move his field head-quarters during the engagement in Gettysburgh, Penna., until he was assured by his staff that a signal party would be set up at the new location.

"What are [to-day's] units/detachments (and, in a number of cases, individuals) doing..." to prepare themselves and their attending signal emulators, with respect to "moving into the 160th event season..."? 3.3.3.

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