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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/24/2021 13:34:42 EDT
Subject: On Establishing Signal Stations on the Re-created Field

Message Detail:
"We want Quarter-deck discipline at the outposts." a quote by Prof. D.H. Mahan, found on page 19 of "Camp and Out-post Duty for Infantry: with standing orders, extracts from the revised regulations for the army, rules for health, maxims for soldiers, and duties of officers.", by Butterfield, Daniel, (1831-1901) Publication date: 1863., New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers.

How does one compare the workings of a ship's quarter-deck with out-post duty, or, with regards to the operation of signal parties, as to their demeanor in the field? Simply put, members occupying an operating, or soon to be operational, signal station upon the re-created field, ought to conduct themselves as if they had just stepped foot on the most sacred planking of a man-of-war; the Quarterdeck.

A station, once established, or re-established (should a station have to be relocated for whatever reason), is said to be operational as soon as a party chief halts his party and his party is (or have already been) given their especial assignments, i.e. flag-man, recorder (copyist) and the person designated to 'call-off' the signals being put up, or taken down.

At such times, the station is said to be open, the same as the crew of a ship is on alert from the time of its preparing to 'get underway' until their vessel reaches a port pier or drops its anchor and the detail is secured from duties.

At least one member of a signal party in the field ought to be especially required to maintain a 360 degree sweep scan-of-vision for other signal parties or as a guard against would-be intruders.

There are so many other considerations to take into account when seeking out, establishing and/or working a signal station of observation and/or communications.

In closing, please allow me to say that a functional signal party will seek to set up their 'office', in the field, and conduct themselves, in the strictest of military fashion, so as to cause those who are observing the actions of the party to look on its dealings in admiration of the precision-like workings and demeanor of those whose duties are required at any moment, for whatever may be and in any direction requiring its attention.


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