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Posted By: Ray Wemple on: 11/03/2002 11:39:45 CST
Subject: RE: Greetings from Kuwait

Message Detail:
Hi Cpt.
Good to hear from you on this forum. I am a colleague from half a century ago having served in U.S. Army Signal Corps (stateside) also. We were a guard outfit out of MPLS, MN and called to active duty during the Korean Campaign. The unit was the 47th Inf. Division Signal Company (Telephone & Teletype Section and Radio Relay). Also did some reserve time with the NYS Army National Guard and the 27th Inf. Div. Signal Company. We used to climb the old pine trees, etc. and hang lines for the standard army telephone directory in the Division Command Post and operate the Division Switchboard. Our construction section used to run the long lines down to the infantry regiments and DIVARTY. We became a replacement training division stationed at Camp Rucker, Alabama. We also picked up some new Radio Relay equipment at the time up at Camp Gordon, GA( Southeastern Signal Corps Replacement Training Center at the time). I smiled when you mentioned sat phones as we used the old EE-8's in a waxed canvass case with the magneto crank and a couple of batteries connected to WD-110 twisted pair.

I joined the Capitol District (Albany, NY) Civil War Round Table and became interested in CW research. I heard about our founder, A.J. Myer, and while at Carlisle Barracks with our group, we had lunch at the officers club. After lunch we visited the library and archives where I started to research my favorite CW officer. Although I am a very old and round guy, and a novice at all of this, I do a standup presentation with slides on Myer and the founding of the Union (U.S.)Army Signal Corps and brief description of flag telegraphy, telescopes, the code, Beardslee Telegraph, etc. It is fascinating and very interesting to me how he put it all together, and with not too much cooperation from then Sec. of War Stanton. By the way, our group toured Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville recently and we were able to look at and photograph an actual Beardslee Telegraph at Chatham House ( Gen. Burnside's Hq). By the way, Walt Mathers has been very helpful to me also, as well as Dave Gaddy, who in my view are experts in all of this. They have been very gracious and patient with inquiries about basic things and questions guys like me ask all the time. They have both been at CW research for a very long time and it is good that there is a forum like this for all of us to comment on.

Both I and my family Captain will have you and all of the troops in our prayers and wish for the safe return of all to the states. Thank you for serving at a very difficult time in our country's history and may God Bless you all.
PRO PATRIA VIGILANS! ( The Signal Corps).

Ray Wemple

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