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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 02/21/2016 19:01:45 EDT
Subject: On Re-creating at Historic Signal Sta Sites

Message Detail:

Some of the best signal stations in the mid-Atlantic were situated from Poolesville to Sugarloaf to Point-of-Rocks to Berlin (present day Brunswick Maryland, to Maryland Heights and Loudon Heights.

Such a relay would take more than a handful of participants. Time of day/positions of the sun will also play a role in the working of these stations.

Should a gaggle of signal operators wish to strike out for these parts, my recommendation would be to begin at Bolivar Heights just west of Harpers Ferry and throw out parties as available to the east.

A three way system could easily be gotten up between Loudon Heights over the Maryland Heights then out to Bolivar Heights thus connecting three states at one time, Virginia, Maryland and West(ern) Virginia. I doubt if such a lash up has been replicated since the war itself.

Another nearby set of options would be to set up signal stations further north along South Mountain say at the Washington Monument station down into Boonesboro and into Sharpsburg near Antietam creek. Depending on the time of year, the church steeple at Middletown and the ridge at Braddock Heights could play a role in the making up of this system.

This event, however, would not be a re-enactment as most re-enactors know their events to be. It would be the real-deal and to some, the unfamiliar mountain slopes and ledges (lacking sutlers and country dances) might be still a bit too far out-of-bounds for some.

What in the name of Tarnation did you have to go gittin' me all excited fer? Throw up a rocket if you want to converse more on the subject.

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