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Posted By: Logan Robertson on: 08/31/2015 17:33:10 EDT
Subject: Norlands 2015 AAR (Maine)

Message Detail:
Ladies and Gents, below is the After Action Report for the 2015 Washburn-Norlands event held at a historic farm in Maine. I apologize for the loss in formatting as I paste the word doc into the message space below. I am also losing the five photographs as they are not hosted publicly anywhere and I don't believe this forum will let me post images.

5th Rally for Norlands After Action Report (2015)
DATE: 14 JUNE, 2015

General Markijohn,
I have the honor to report on the actions of the U.S.V. Signal Corps which was placed on active service on 13 and 14 June, 2015 at the Washburn-Norlands Living History Center in Livermore, Maine.
The event was sponsored by the 3rd ME Co. A. and the 15th AL Co. G. I had the pleasure of serving under Captain Dave Gowen of the 3rd ME. Men from the 2nd VT Co. A., the 1st VT Cavalry and the 6th ME Battery, as well as a few soldiers from various other units, were present with the Federal forces. Sutler Saul Goode was also in attendance and was a terrific hit with a play in camp for a soldier who was getting married.
Signal Corps drill was held for about 45 minutes on Saturday morning, at which time I trained a new 3rd ME recruit in signaling. The young man was at his first reenactment and was not permitted to take the field with a rifle so Capt. Gowen assigned him to the Signal Corps for the battle.
On Saturday, the U.S.V. Signal Corps fielded two parties and Capt. Gowen also placed two couriers under my charge. We marched out with the infantry and I posted one party with the 6th ME Battery which was fielding two guns. I continued on with the infantry and proceeded to establish communications with the other party. An ordnance count was requested by Capt. Gowen and the artillery party signaled 63 rounds were available between the two guns. At approximately 2 PM Capt. Gowen ordered the artillery to fire. I signaled our counterparts with the artillery and approximately 20 seconds after Capt. Gowen gave me the order to fire, the two guns thundered the start of the engagement. The men in the infantry had front row seats to this signaling display and many said that they had never experienced this sort of active signaling up close. The Signal Corps continued to signal throughout the event until Capt. Gowen ordered a ceasefire, which I transmitted to the artillery through our second party.
On Sunday, both the soldiers in the second party were unable to stay for the engagement. Having coordinated ahead of time with the 6th ME Battery, I was able to signal directly to them both the start and end of the engagement, upon orders from Capt. Gowen.

I want to note that the site of this reenactment and living history event is of particular interest. The location is surrounded by period buildings including the mansion of one of the former governors of Maine, a church, library and old school house. The over 400 acres belonging to the Washburn-Norlands organization provided excellent ground for a morning tactical on Saturday, and the ridged field was a larger area than one finds at say, the Neshaminy event. This truly is a remarkable event and we would do well, in my opinion, to encourage other northern members of the U.S.V. to consider attending this event in the future.
I want to thank Capt. Gowen, along with his 1st Sgt. Matt Bray, for their outstanding leadership throughout the event. It was a pleasure to attend this event with these men, both on and off the battlefield.

Respectfully submitted by your humble servant,
Lt. C. Logan Robertson,
U.S.V. Signal Corps, Cmdg

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