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Posted By: Logan on: 12/12/2014 10:28:48 EDT
Subject: RE: Hello Everyone

Message Detail:
Hi Walt, good to hear from you.

Things are going very well, I'm very excited. My goal is to form a Signal Corps for the United States Volunteers, and have that group be fully integrated into the USV, rather than be a stand-alone group. Where the USV goes, the USV Signal Corps will go, and we'd camp with the USV command staff and be its communication arm. When it trains, we train. When it goes on parade, we go with it. I think this approach may help to avoid some of the problems that occur where commanders don't trust (and don't use) a signal corps group that shows up to a particular event.

I've been asked by the USV command staff to present at this years' annual meeting in January in Gettysburg at the Gettysburg Hotel. I spent a good 45 minutes talking with General Markijohn and he agreed to the idea of forming a USV Signal Corps and told me he would announce his decision and introduce me at the event, and then I'll be making a recruiting call to the general assembly. In the afternoon, when the regiments split off for their regimental meetings, I'll be giving a 20 minute presentation to the command staff on thoughts on how we might successfully build up, integrate and use a signal corps, and what it would look like.

Some ideas I'm hoping to discuss include cross-training select artillery and cavalry units in signaling (at least artillery should be able to receive the "commence firing" signal), and to cross train couriers on the command staff. Those couriers are mounted and may help to solve the problem of a mounted commander but non-mounted signal corps.

I also have a strategy for how we might slowly increase the signal workload, possibly duplicating some messages, until we prove ourselves. We have to be relevant and reliable - if we can't be both those things we can't be used. The moment we can start beating the couriers, we'll start to impress.

Another thing I want to display is our usefulness in identifying the various commands. I want the signal corps to be the go-to place for information on who is where. I plan on developing a process where all flags carried onto the field for a particular battle are logged and associated with units. Regiments change flags all the time so identification can be difficult if not pre-arranged. We keep having officers come up to us and say "where's Col. so-and-so?" and so far, we've been able to point him out, because we've previously identified his flag. This makes us very valuable.

Will let you know how things go - thanks for the encouragement!

PS - if anyone reading this is looking to join up, post on this board, and I'll get in touch with you!

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