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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 03/26/2013 15:06:54 EDT
Subject: Ship-to-Shore Flag Communication

Message Detail:

Wanted to get back to you after attending Confederate Navy and Marine Corps Day at Annapolis earlier this month.

In yours below you mention some very interesting projects and give the purchase info for the 1861 work entitled: "Signals For Use of the Navy of the Confederate States".

The annual navy day memorial is put on by the Captain James W. Waddell camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and takes place at St. Anne's Cemetery where Captain Waddell, and his Annapolis bride are buried.

James Iredell Waddell was born at Pittsboro, North Carolina in 1824 and departed this life in March of 1886. Since you are attached in a living-history group at Plymouth, NC, I thought you all would like to know this.

In researching news articles relating to the captain's funeral, it was discovered that a number of prominent former Confederate personages were in attendance. No surprise here, right?

Then I cam upon the name of a practicing lawyer from Reisterstown, Maryland. It was none other than Col. Wm. Norris, chief signal officer and head of the secret service bureau, C.S.A.

I thought it would tie in nicely with your somewhat earlier posting.



PS The local non-profit maritime group, Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company, plans to conduct another vertical-boiler steam launch ship's movement in the near future. Is your launch trailer-ready?
Posted By: Chris Sepic on: 07/22/2002 08:26:18 CDT
Subject: RE: Army/Navy signals?

Message Detail:
Hello Walt,

Thanks for your kind and prompt reply...I would be interested in the research you propose, but I am not a web designer. I would be more than pleased to provide the source references, though, since I am close to East Carolina University and have access to much relevant material there.

As for the booklet I mentioned, here is the info directly from the "sale" page of the NMLHA site:

Signals For Use of the Navy of the Confederate States
Tyler, Wise & Allegre.
Richmond: Enquirer Book & Job Press.
1861. 9 pages. Parrish Imprint #1715.

It is a CSA Navy book, which would be appropriate for my portrayal of a signalman aboard the CSS Albermarle, which is the ship to which I am attached in the group at Plymouth, NC. Not only do we have a 3/8 scale working model of the ram Albermarle, but there are plans in the works for a full-scale replica of Cushing's steam launch that sank the Albermarle with a torpedo attached to a spar.

Additionally, we have acquired a 3" bore mountain howitzer, which will allow us to do land-based impressions, either as detailed seamen, or artillery (this is with the 3rd Corps reenacting organization, where we fall in as the NC Naval Squadron).

I have not participated in reenactments yet, and I do not have uniforms or equipment, but I plan to become involved as I acquire these items.

Your anecdotal references are certainly a good place for me to start.

Thanks for your encouragement.


Chris Sepic

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