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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 08/09/2011 23:16:15 EDT
Subject: RE: 1863 US Army Signal Flag for Sale

Message Detail:
Mark, The late Howie Madaus researched and had preserved sketches of several US "medium size" (4x4) army signal flags constructed in three horizontal panels. (See the link below.)

While the photos accompanying the original ad leave much to be desired, they seem to me to involve a sleeve for insertion of the flag staff/pole as the intended, original, with evidence of snags and rips and the "strings" as perhaps later improvisations or "field expedients." (Sleeves were also used on several of the few known, extant CS flags of roughly the same size.)

Bazelon & McGunn, "Mil Goods Dealers & Makers, 1785-1915 - Combined Edition," p. 311, lists Charles O. Eaton of Boston as trading in "flags" (not just as a painter). Rather than consider Annin as a sole-source producer of army signal flags and close our minds to the prospect of another maker, I think it better at this stage that we look for other evidence pro or con. (Personally, I have reservations about the stamped maker name and address and date. Note the colors and apparent combination of two or three dies, rather than one stamp for the label. I well recall the questions regarding the marked flag in Harrisburg, PA, and would not let the date and maker marking decide in this case. To me the questions are such that I can't imagine the price! But we need to be careful about the basis for our saying yeah or nay.)

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