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Posted By: Mark Hageman on: 04/12/2011 15:19:37 EDT
Subject: RE: Medical Corps Signals?

Message Detail:

You may want to check out the link below to:

Medical recollections of the Army of the Potomac,
Volume 3 By Jonathan Letterman

If you have not yet seen it.

Page 151 states:

The network of telegraph wires, made by the Signal Corps, enabled me to regulate the shipment of this large number of men without difficulty or accident. I had directed that # all who could not sit up, or who would be injured by so doing, should be carried by hand upon the beds they occupied in the hospitals (some of which were more than a mile from the railway), the beds placed upon hay in the cars, removed carefully from the train and placed in the transports, so that these sufferers should not be removed from the beds on which they lay in the camp hospitals until they reached the hospitals in Washington. Medical officers, with supplies, accompanied every train, and, when required, were sent with their men to Washington. Many of these, cases of amputations and fractures, were so comfortably transported that they were heard singing while on their way. My orders " to Medical Directors of Corps, in regard to the manner in which the wounded should be shipped, were carefully observed in every instance. Every such patient was transported on the cot he had occupied in the hospital, so that it was impossible he should suffer any detriment during the passage, or even whilst being transferred from the cars to the transports. Many of those most severely wounded, cases in which the femur was extensively fractured, assured me they had not suffered the slightest discomfort or fatigue up to the time of their being placed on the transports. Their subsequent transportation, I have been informed, was equally successful."

Message Link:

Med Recollections Army of potomac
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