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Posted By: Clarence on: 10/09/2009 13:52:02 EDT
Subject: RE: SCARD Database

Message Detail:
The server is not the problem. All of my sites are hosted at, one of the premier web hosts around. The quality, and speed are apparent on all of the sites.

The problem lies in the software and the database type. These forums were originally created back in 2000 with software available at that time. The programs utilize a 'flat-file' database rather that the more current use of SQL type databases that would have unlimited posting capabilities. As it is, the current software, written in Perl, is failing on some array limits.

There are several alternatives.

1) I am looking at the current program to see if there is a work around for the failure. Unsure of time or success.

2) I can create a second forum for the archived data. Creation is simple, cleanup may take a bit of time.

3) The entire data set can be moved to more current forum programing (ie PHPbb, etc.) While this solution may prove to be the best in the long term for SCARD, there are many details that are a headache. All users will be required register - increasing admin requirements. The data would have to be reformatted and loaded to the SQL database. Spam posting controls would have to be rewritten. Etc., etc......

The quick fix? Keep the data from 2006 to current in the 'active' database and create a SCARD-Archive forum for the earlier data.

If I find a way to merge it all back together I will let you know.

Sorry for the long post. Hope it answered some questions.


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