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Posted By: Ray Wemple on: 08/26/2009 09:57:38 EDT
Subject: RE: Re: Gen'l Myer's character

Message Detail:
I have enjoyed reading your comments about my favorite Union CW officer and understand what tedious work it is to do detailed research. Although the WX service may not have given much credit to him, there is a NYS Plaque at the Walden-Myer Masoleum in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY that does honor Gen. Myer and notes that he was in fact the founder of the weather service as well as the Union SC.
While on a trip to G'Burg with our CW Round Table several years ago, we stopped at Carlisle Barracks for lunch ( at the Officers Club no less) and then we were given a choice of touring the museum or doing brief research in the library. I chose the latter and received a cardboard file box full of copies of some of Myer's letters. One letter was about his transfer by Stanton and right off the rip it was apparent this fellow was controversial. That trip got me interested, like yourself, in doing more research on Myer. His personal letters to his wife AKA "My Dearest Kate", and his brother in law were very interesting, if not difficult, to read. Many of them are posted on this site through the efforts of Mark Hageman.
Like you, and many others, I believe Myer was a man of vision and I bet he was also a tough cookie to work for. He was principled and determined. His ability to hang out around DC after being released from active duty courtesy of E.M.Stanton(OLD MARS), I believe was only possible as he was a man of means. Having come by monies his wife inherited from her father in Nov. of 1857 by virtue of the death of Erie County Judge Ebeneezer Walden. He also, I believe, was receiving income from a patent his father had held on the conversion railway cars into sleeping cars. That amount I seem to recall as being around $1-3K per year. Not a shabby some in those days. So, even with a family, financially, he could hold out, which he did, thank goodness.

I was pleased to read the post by Mark Hageman about your(Myer's) award at Fort Gordon, GA. It reminded me of an adventure I had at that location when it was called Camp Gordon and was known as the Southeastern Signal Corps Replacement Training Ctr. The year was 1951. Having worn the cross flags and torch my uniform for several years as a "Wire Puller", I had been re-assigned to another section in our division signal company and sent to Gordon with our team for training. We learned how to use, set up in the field and maintain communications between regiments and division HQRS with new fangled equipment called "Radio Relay". It linked regimental telephone switchboards to our equipment and that audio was sent by radio to division where it was received by at division Hqrs by a similar unit and back through field wire again.

Before I pass, one of my goals is to get back to Ft. Gordon and at least see the SC museum and the many artifacts there. I have seen an actual Beardslee Telegraph at Chatham House which was on loan from the Smithsonian. I know that there are several models built similar to the real one and hopefully an original unit as well.

In any event, my hat is off to you for your most sincere portrayal of our favorite Union CW officer and your most recent participation in the ceremonies at Fort Gordon.
Pro Patria Vigilans & 73

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