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Posted By: Bob Gilbert on: 08/24/2009 22:52:19 EDT
Subject: RE: Re: Gen'l Myer's character

Message Detail:
When I first saw what happened to Myer, losing his promotion and appointment without justification normally required for revoking unanimously recommended promotions, I thought of a soldier in my USAR unit who experienced that same kind of treatment. General Billy Mitchell also came to mind. Mitchell & Myer both put their careers on the line for what they believed in, they were both punished as rebellious men pushing too hard, but it's ironic - they were both exonerated later, Myer before he died and Mitchell's court martial being posthumously rescinded. I can't imagine what would have happened to the weather service without Myer's leadership had he not been reinstated. All those American mariners & not getting warned of approaching storms, no warnings about the high win in the wake of a storm that had passed, no systmeatic river gauge readings with so many steam boats depending on updates posted at the levees around the US. Would the International Weather Service had the cooperation from thousands of observers around the world taking one simultaneous ob everyday at 7:35am Washington time when there was no Greenwich Mean Time? It's endless. The Popular Science Monthly paid homage to General Myer with 5 pages devoted to him - how many generals ever get that kind of recognition? Makes me sad in a way, that NOAA & NWS offices don't "give him his dues." I worked for NOAA for 3 years, offered 400 images, over 100 19th Century articles from newspapers, Appleton's Cyclpedia, Frank Leslie's, PSM, etc, & they didn't care. Mark Hageman did what NWS-NOAA people never did by posting more than 3,000 words and the illustrated story of how the NWS started with sources like Professor Increase Lapham's professional papers from Madison, WI. That was such an internet "coup," NOAA would never do that. I can't thank Mark & the others connected to perpetuating Signal Corps history enough - you all have done far more than NOAA or NWS employees have done in over 100 years.
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