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Posted By: Ray Wemple on: 08/21/2009 11:12:12 EDT
Subject: RE: Re: Gen'l Myer's character

Message Detail:
As always, I enjoyed your remarks Dave and you are correct, in my opinion, about Myer not being a tradionalist in the sense of total obedience. His vision was not understood by his colleagues and he was not a product of West Point which didn't make any points for him either.

Was it Sherman who said, " What is a Signal Corps" or something like that? I wonder if he asked that again if it was him after the communications feat that happened at Alatoona? Sounded like that feat by the Signal Corps was extroardinaire.

In any event Myer prevailed and it is ironic that the man who exiled him to the west in Nov. of "63" had to re-appoint him to the position of CSO of the Army when Grant became president. Myer's letter to his wife with his first official signature as CSO of the Army is brief but reflects his pride in regaining that position again. At the end of the letter he signs off by stating, " I will be home this weekend, Your lover, Albert".

Stanton had to eat a little crow after being ordered to reappoint him, but I'm sure he was used to that by then.
Myer's establishment of obtaining weather reports and barometric pressures, etc. from telegraph stations in the net was I believe unique for the time. That information was redistributed over the circuits for use by farmers etc. There is not doubt he was a very forward looking man with much determination and thank goodness he was there for the Corps.

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