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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 08/16/2009 08:59:27 EDT
Subject: RE: building a signal tower

Message Detail:
Greetings Mike:

Quoted below is a portion of mine to this forum of 06/02/2002 07:06 entitled: Signal Tower

ďLong-time signal re-enactor Robert Stecker [had] devised an excellent portable four poster made from dressed lumber and so fitted as to be erected with nuts, bolts, washers and slip tubes with through locking keys. The entire structure was designed to fit in the back of a small baggage waggon (pick-up truck) with room to spare for other equipage. Unfortunately, it was abandoned during a retreat from the 125th. Spottsylvania Campaign [1989] and never seen again.Ē

Bob Stecker is a craftsman, par excellence, and still involves himself with re-enacting. Since he has never once graced us with his presence upon SCARDís forum (donít think he ever cottoned up to computers much), = {o perhaps one of his compatriots who does could see if Bob might supply an image or two along with enough written directions to guide you and others through the fabricating process in hopes that we may all see such portable devices on the re-created field once more. We could nickname them Robís Roosts or Steckerís Sticks, or maybe the M1-A1 Stecker All-Terrain Tower. Let me tell you, Mr. Steckerís portable tower was the best, sturdiest and most easily stored devise of its kind I had ever seen at an event. It reminded me of a scaled down version of the Fort McAllister tower along the Atlantic Coast just South of Savannah, Georgia.

Also, please see mine to this forum dated March 7th 2004 with a URL leading to a site showing the May 17th through the 19th, 2002 construction of a somewhat more permanent structure at Fort Pocahontas by two battalions of the 1st NY Engs.

You may also wish to speak with Tom McDonald of this list about the signal tower constructed at McDowell, Virginia back in 2005. He may be able to locate some images too.

Walt 5-5-5

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Pocahontas Signal Tower Images and Story
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