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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 08/10/2009 10:10:25 EDT
Subject: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi - Not So With SCA

Message Detail:
On July 17th 2007, Signal Associate Ray Wemple wrote:

"Some stations were linked to DC by hard line, i.e, Point of Rock.

"Also, I believe that flag telegraphy was alive and well around Washington, DC connecting the forts to the central signal station on the Winder Bldg. 17th & "F" St. NW. It is said that the last flag transmission across the Potomac by flag was "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"."

We are currently in a discussion on this forum as to whether or not to re-open a signal camp-of-instruction and associates' conference in the greater Washington City environs, District of Columbia, sometime during mid-to-late 2010.

Such thoughts have led me to a very interesting passage (at least to me anyhow) and somewhat embodies what can happen when good men do nothing. I offer the following, as part of a compilation of "Latin Via Proverbs" by Laura Gibbs:

"A highly influential 15th-century treatise by Thomas a Kempis, "On the Imitation of Christ." in section 1.3.6, says, "O quam cito transit gloria mundi," [or] "Oh how quickly passes the glory of the world."

"This remark is the culmination of a series of very pointed observations about the vanity of learning and academic pursuits. As Thomas insists:

"Tell me, where now are all those masters and teachers, whom thou knewest well, whilst they were yet with you, and flourished in learning? Their stalls are now filled by others, who perhaps never have one thought concerning them. Whilst they lived they seemed to be somewhat, but now no one speaks of them. Oh how quickly passeth the glory of the world away!" or "O quam cito transit gloria mundi".

Of this, at least many might differ and would agree that we are enjoying sort of a revival of signal corps history.

To that end, 'tis a good feeling to be here at the Signal Corps Association, amongst kindred spirits, who still remember, study the deeds and emulate those pioneers of modern military telecommunication.


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