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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 08/06/2009 10:34:40 EDT
Subject: RE: Readying Our Lines for 150th Series

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Excellent ideas!

I should hope that David Murphy, late of the National Park Service, and ramrod of the Fort Circle Project, may be able to make connections for us as well as Kim Nielsen, director of the museum grounds at the Navy Yard situated on the Anacostia, River and Hugh Clayton at the National Archives.

Many of the various sites accessible to us would actually be within walking distance of DC's light rail stations and the area of operations is situated within three major US airports with either light rail or Amtrak service.

Depending on the hoped-for interest of signal and telegraph re-enactors and enthusiasts, and the personal time they'd be willing to commit to attending such an outing, special close-up cook's tours could be arranged, outside of their times upon the stations, to examine wire and aerial artifacts of our period of study.

Like you, I am excited about doing whatever possible that would ensure a most memorable 150th field communicator workshop/conference.

This effort could see not only the possibility of gathering those who still wave the flags and pound the brass at presentations and/or events, but also of those who lecture, collect or gain keen insights and enjoyment from following the history of those pioneers we now know were responsible for the birth of modern military telecommunication.

2010 is only four full months away. We can make the contacts to especially open the doors for a great event.

We'd like to hear your thoughts from sea-to-shining-sea.

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Blurb on Ft Stanton Link'g to Other DC Defenses
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