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Posted By: Tom Ryan on: 06/26/2009 11:01:24 EDT
Subject: Signal Corps talk

Message Detail:
Next April, I am scheduled to give a talk to our CW Round Table on the Union and Confederate Signal Corps. Although I am not an expert on this subject, I am the expert as far as our Round Table is concerned. I am versed enough to be able to provide a pretty good overview for the audience.

I have focused mainly on the Signal Corps at Gettysburg, but have a fairly good understanding of the overall Signal Corps organization and operations on both sides. My resources include Brown's and Rebecca Raines' books, the SC correspondence in the Official Records, and a number of articles on SC ops for reference purposes.

The talk will be a PowerPoint presentation with illustrations of SC equipment and drawings/photos of deployed SC parties in action -- that sort of thing.

With this in mind, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have about how to enhance my talk to an audience that will basically be coming to this subject with little or no background. I was thinking of using some props (flags, torches, scope, etc.), but not sure where I could get hold of these.

One other idea is to recruit our 2nd Delaware reenactors who are members of the Round Table to do a flag demo in uniform -- but would need to get hold of a set of flags.

Is there any way to beg, borrow or steal some SC equipment as props for my talk?

Also, what do you suggest I emphasize?

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