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Posted By: Chuck Ogden on: 06/22/2009 22:29:21 EDT
Subject: RE: Introduction

Message Detail:
Bernie, good to hear from you!! First off, so you know who you are talking to, I am the one on Arthurs's gun with the wetplate photography equipment. Me and you have sat at the same dinner table for many of meals but have really never discussed any of this in detail.

With that said I know the siganal corps has made advances in the last year. Lee burdine states that this is the best Federal commander he has had to work with in all his years. As for the Battle of Round Mountain, who sponsors that event?? Lee Burdine and the federal signal corp.!! You would at least think that at your own event you could show off what it is you do!! Now I know Lee is a proud man and will do what is best for the hobby, but I think he should at least be shown some love at his own event. I also agree with you that the 1st Arkansas Light Artillery backs the signal corp 100% and thinks that they should be utilized to their fullest extent. Major Laughlin will continue to back this at all events at least for the artillery if nothing else.

Three years ago I left the cav and had a choice between the artillery and the signal corp., being younger than most in the hobby (32 at the time) I chose the big bang!! Who wouldnt!! As I grow in the hobby I begin to see the the things that are more important. We have younger members in the cav, we have a very young and competent artillery crew on Arthur's gun. ( It was weird for Jon Mayfield and myself being the youngest two in the room at the Longstreets corp meeting in Fredricksburg this last January). I just dont see any young blood coming into the signal corp in this part of the world!! No offense to yourself or to Lee, I know it has to be hard to keep younger people interested, most of us still want to burn powder and conquer the world. However looking at the bigger picture, I have a true interest in the signal corp. and do not want to see this service lost in the western theater or at least in Oklahoma. Bernie I would love to continue this conversation and trade thoughts and ideas!! Yourself and Lee are all I have to really learn form in Oklahoma!! Please email me so we can continue this!!

Chuck Ogden

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