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Posted By: John E. Schultz on: 06/22/2009 10:28:15 EDT
Subject: RE: Introduction

Message Detail:
Dear Sir,

I cannot agree with what Mark has said enough. It's VERY important to be competent and also be there when you're needed.

If you are not used - record all of the actions that you can and provide a "Signal Corps" after action report in the evening to the Commander. This will get your services in front of his face in a positive light. Also ensure that you attend Officer's Meetings.

Case in point. At our last reenactment the overall General had to leave the event early Sunday morning (family issues). The person he left in command was not experienced with using Signals.

I went to the Officer's meeting prior to the battle. We had three signalists attending (so we were spread very thin). The "Yankee" infantry would be entrenched - and the Confederates would advance in two elements across open field. I chimed in that this is an excellent scenerio for Signals to coordinate and advance and falling back of the Confederate lines.

I galvanized Yankee and was with the commander (who was not used to using Signals). Prior to the battle I asked if he minded that I suggest signals to send at appropriate times and he said, "Heck Yes - anything to help" (so at least I knew he wanted to USE us).

It ended up working out quite well. As the confederates approached our lines and stood there and shot - i asked the infantry commander - should I send to CS "Take Hits"? He responded YES. (message sent) A few minutes later I asked - should I send to CS - "Fall Back" he responded YES (message sent) At same time I asked if he wanted other Infantry to advance and attack - he said YES - (message sent).

We were waiving message pretty frequently during the battle and afterwards both commanders were very appreciative of our efforts as we kept things going.

So - these commanders were NOT "Signal Savvy" but they relied on our knowledge of our capabilities, knowledge of the scenerio, and when things should happen. Making suggestions (as Mark suggested) when the time calls for it is always a good thing!

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to post them here!

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