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Posted By: Mark Hageman on: 06/22/2009 10:08:29 EDT
Subject: RE: Introduction

Message Detail:

Welcome to the world of CW Signal Corps!

We too from time to time have that same problem. Fortunately over many years of proving ourselves to the commanders here in the North East (NY- Mainly) All the event commanders now know who we are and have come to depend upon our services.

The first and formost thing I could suggest to you is first..Practice practice, then practice some more.
Become proficient- so that when asked to provide communication services you actually can do them!
If you can't- they won't ask again.

Secondly- BE THERE! Send messages of observation and report them directly- even if not asked to do so.
Keep battle senerio times and provide a written report after battle. Keep alert and listen to what is happening.
Example- you here the commander mention "I wish they would start falling back" Ask if he would like you to send them a message to do so. Once commanders experience a truely functional, experienced, expedient, observant,and competent Signal Corps.- they will begin to include, use, and relay upon them- not only for problem solving but senerio planning- like has been the developing here in the Northeast.

We still see this disregard of the Signal Corps when we enter "free for all" battles/tacticals but thats a function of infantry "play" and we totally understand that- using that opportunity to hone our abilities and practice- and report as explained above.

We also see this when we venture into other area's outside of our normal operation region, and have been working with various groups here who already relay upon us- inorder to be function at those outside region events. And will be attending at least two of these regional type events this season- hopefully to open some eyes to what functional signals can accomplish.

Good Luck with your task in your area- stick with it to improve the accuracy and speed of the messages in battle type conditions- be there at all times- report what your doing- and make suggestions without being over bearing- and by all means discuss what the SC can do not only with the public- but your fellow reenctors.

Mark Hageman

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