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Posted By: Chuck Ogden on: 06/22/2009 08:54:19 EDT
Subject: Introduction

Message Detail:
Well, after recieving a phone call last night, which I missed, from Walt I decided I would introduce myself. My name is Chuck Ogden, born, raised and still grazing in central Oklahoma. I have been reenacting in the CW time period for 6 years. I started 15 years earlier doing fur trade and old west impressions. First let me say that I have found a brotherhood like no other in the CW community. My family and myself are all very active in this hobby. I started my CW reenacting career in the Cavalry and moved to the Artillery 3 years ago. I have enjoyed all my involvements with these branches of service, however I see a real problem in the western theater with the siganl corp. I know that Bernie Cooper and Lee Burdine (our two local signalists) have tried very hard to get more people involved and to get there crews more involved in the actual heat of battle. I know everyone here knows the importance of the siganl corp communications during the war, however some of our powers to be in the western theater either do not know or choose to ignore that the signal corp exists. Alot of times the signalists out here either take up with an artillery crew or become dismounted cav. This really gets under my skin. I will get off my soapbox now, I am here to learn and to be educated by those who took up this challenge long before myself, so the history and techniques can be taught for generations to come. Thanks for having me as a member of this community.

Chuck Ogden

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