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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 07/09/2002 10:41:27 CDT
Subject: Another Passing Wave of the Star'd 'Battle-Flag'

Message Detail:

I guess my tone was a bit sharpe with my post'g of yesterday and I wish to say a few words to help explain the position I've taken.

A whole lot has happened in the area of re-created 1860's signal communication development since you and few others were able to steer me in the right direction back in '79-80.

The pagentry and free-rolling creationism (yes even with signal re-enactors) comes out every now much to a degree that I wish I had kept silent on any nummmmmber of issues.

I once submitted a drawing of a signal patch I saw at the Confederate Museum in Charleston. The patch was not specifically documented as being US or CS although it was sewn on dark blue cloth, had a wreath around the crossed flags and sported "SS" over the upper flag quadrant. Soon after I submitted the sketch to the "Sig-Ci" I began seeing the insignia on the arms of Confederate signal re-enactors. The wreath, having gone through the porcess, however had changed its shape from what I had produced to that somewhat resembling the up-turn'd moustache of a Frenchman.

As I have previously stated, I think having a signal battle flag on hand at living history demonstations helps fill in the little-told story of signal valour.

On the other hand, what we have seen and will continue to see, no doubt, will be individuals showing up to site-sensitive events with inapproproiate names stenciled onto the various points of their star flags. Just wait, some will even show up at the very event where the award was earned with the name of the event stenciled onto their waving battle flag. After all, how many differently stenciled signal battle flags can one average signal re-enactor own? Did some enterprizing re-enactor just think of a new flag construction technique using vel-cro? ;) Should we run out of points, might we consider going with a Star of David or perhaps a Moravian twinkler as an up-grade? Don't laff, we have documentation of a Confederate signal Battle Flag bursting on the field and remaining hoisted at its creator's tent for al least a couple of years running. This new-flag-on-the-block was a white square on a red field. The battle honours (actually the events this fellow had attended during the 125th. commemorative events were formed with black lettering. Upon the white centre square was a cross of black. Is this beginning to sound a little post-weirmark (or even Weisenheimer) to you?

We might want to study this subject a bit closer.... five pointed star signal battle flags aren't cheap to re-produce and they weren't cheap to earn either.

That's my take. What's yours?


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