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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/20/2006 07:57:02 EDT
Subject: RE: We NEED Signal Corps demos, Civil War Music, and Interpreter - Fifers etc.

Message Detail:
Hi Thad,

You are most welcome to post up with us when the topics include 1860's communication research or emulation.

It is interesting to note that just prior to the War, besides the time honour'd foot messengers and mounted couriers, field music was one of the main-stays for moving lage bodies of troops about the country once they had left a rail-head, right-of-way or telegraph line connection.

The beauty of fifes and drums is that their sounds can pierce the din of battle and once the regiments became familiar with the various "calls" manoeuvering became more of an artform just prior to and during engagements.

When visual signals were first employed, everyone was amazed with the fact that any given command posessing aerial telegraph flags or torches at night could actually signal over the heads of a foe if you could find line-of-sight positions nearby but albeit above the pending clashes. Insulated wire also became a main factor in incorporating field telegraph communication moving at the walking pace of an army.

You may wish to see if Joe Whitney's fifes and drums can interface with both Mike and John prior to the event in order to prepare to demonstrate loading and firing by the drum and having the troops assemble, lie down and rise up or form squares using the fifes and drums in combination with the various evolutions of military drill. This will impress your audience with cutting edge technology they may not know had existed so long ago.

Please inform us as to how your programme turns out -- send us a wire ;) We're all ears (and eyes) and still very much possessing a goodly supply of cyber ink.


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