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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 06/25/2002 11:00:15 CDT
Subject: Few More Notes on Re-enactor 'USMT' When Making A Training Document

Message Detail:

I'm sorry to say that after reading my post'g of: 06/20/2002 11:20:59 CDT entitled:
"One Of Your Re-enactor 'USMT' Training Documents" I wish to dress up a paragraph for a bit more clarity. You'll find the orignal of it down near the bottom of the page (of the post above) so it won't be difficult to spot. The revised text should read:

I hope you'll want to be a bit more mindful of putting words like 'sine' and 'handle' into the body of your training text. Beginniners are sponges and will pick-up on all of the modern words as well as the period-correct ones. The word to use instead of "sine" or "handle" would be 'call'. A similar situation happened back in the nineteen-eighty's (albeit with visual signalling) when one enterprizing signallist didn't yet know the particular term used to order the flag motion for which a signature was to be made. This fellow thought that since the triangular sweep-like-motion of the movement we were using, e.g. by bringing the flag from the upright (or vertical) position directly down to the left parallel to the ground for a second and then sweeping it around to the right side of the flagman's body and after a second in that position hoisting it immediately back to the first position (straight up), look'd like or resembled the Greek letter "D" he'd simply call out the command "DELTA". It seemed innocent enough at the time but this bogus call was perpetuated throughout the mid-west and eventually came East again (something like a rumor). Some mis-informed members of certain detachments can still be heard uttering this modern call created out of want. The most unfortunate part about the whole of the matter is that even after the creator of this field expedient comand understood the period term, he saw his act as a personal contribution to the development of modern signal re-enacting and told me that he was basking in the notion that he had done so.

It is always easy to allow our modern phrases to creep into what we re-reate. I may be out of line with some for saying this but my personal belief is that we should hope, in everything we do to re-enact what they did, that we might be able to do it, as closely in word, as well as in deed.

May I ask that you please don't hessitate to admonish me when I step out of verbal character at an event. Proverbs 12:1

Walt Mathers

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