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Posted By: Walter F. Mathers on: 06/22/2002 14:38:47 CDT
Subject: Unless I'm Mistaken Chuck Ask'd

Message Detail:
Regard'g Mr. Bock's reply post on 06/22/2002 11:07:39 CDT, (which is included below) please allow me the opportunity to clarify what appears to be a slight misunderstanding:

At 10:06:42 CDT on June the 19th. 2002, Chuck Lee posted a new thread entitled: "Anyone making these lanterns? "
The Message Details went:

Do any of you know if anyone is reproducing the lanterns, labeled Picket Signal Lantern on Mr. Bock's website, seen at [?]

If not, does anyone have plans or dimensions so that we can make them ourselves?

[Chuck Lee]
at 13:05:50 CDT on 06/20/2002 I replied:

If I recall rightly, the lantern shown up at the OCWVA site is not being manufactured in tin.

A company in India or Pakastan has produced a version for the Franklin Mint Collection which has found its way into the hands of some Civil War sutlers. In most respects (from glossy pictures I've seen) it appears to be an excellent copy of a mid-to-late century lamp...

Now the down side: It is made of a heavy gauge brass... [snip!]

[Notice the word'g in the first sentence of my reply ~ "is not BEING as in 'currently not being manufactured' in tin]

[Walt Mathers]
David Bock's subsequent posting of 06/22/2002 11:07:39 CDT to: Anyone making these lanterns?
Says, in essence…..

"The two lanterns on the OVCWA sites are not replicas from India… To make a statement otherwise without asking is typical of you Walt.
They are originals.
They are tin.
They work.

Dear Mr. Bock,

I'm sorry if you mis-understood the wording in mine to SCARD Researcher Chuck Lee, i.e. that I didn't believe that the lamp inquiry Mr. Lee was seeking, e.g "anyone... reproducing the lanterns, labeled Picket Signal Lantern on Mr. Bock's website[?]" could have been mis-interpreted by anyone.

I didn't say that the ones shown at the OVCWA, were from India or that the ones shown at OVCWA's were re-pros. What I did say and which is a part of this forum's transcript is recorded above. Therefore, I hope, for all concern'd, that this E-ccounting clarifies the issue to your satifaction and that you will consider continuing to post with the many researchers and living historians who have contributed so scholarly to SCARD's web forum.

Many of our forum visitors have been quite candid in saying that we've enjoy'd and gained much advantage through your URL posting's at SCARD's forum. You've worked hard building your own site and it shows. Let's move forward then in the name of living history and research shall we?

Walt Mathers

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