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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/20/2002 15:27:50 CDT
Subject: RE: Recognizing SCARD's Value as a Clear'g House

Message Detail:
"SCARD for Lunch Bunch"?

Are lifetime members then "SCARD for Life"?

If I might be so bold, using SCARD as a clearinghouse for information and the coordination between and cooperation among those having the Signal Corps as a common interest and bond, perhaps we could throw together a wish list of projects - paper, wood, tin, brass, or whatever - and see who wants a piece of which pie.

If a number of us throw in togther, maybe we can actually accomplish some of the projects that most of us would benefit by having completed.

Anyway, here's a list (mostly stolen from Mr. Gaddy) that seems appropriate as a starting point.

- Trifold brochure briefly explaining the history of the Signal Corps, promoting the utility of the reenacting Signal Corps; compose in Microsoft Publisher

Glossary Of Signal Corps & Related Military Terms

Signal Corps Uniform Guidelines

Signal Flag Codebook

Instruction Manuals
- Operating The Telegraph
- Signaling With Flags
- Signaling With Torches
- Using The Signal Pistol & Coston Flares; Making Coston Flares (I know flares isn't the right term, but I can't type that much)

- Guidelines For The Signal Corps Reenactor (by Lou Filanosky, Will Toth, Ted Yeatman, & Walt Mathers)

- The Civil War Signal Corps & SCARD

- Telegraph Forms - bundles of 25 per "pad" (by SCARD)
- Signal Corps Letterhead (by SCARD)
- Company Roll Sheets (by Sullivan Press)
- Payroll Sheets (by Sullivan Press)
- Stamps - Confederate & Federal (by C. Lee)

CDs & Videos
- Operating The Telegraph
- Signaling With Flags
- Signaling With Torches
- Using The Signal Pistol & Coston Flares

Audio Tapes
- Operating The Telegraph

Remanufacture or Produce
- Phelps camelback telegraph sets with relays (by C. Lee & Others)
- Wire and wire reels
- 1862 Army Signal Pistol (by C. Lee)
- 1861 Navy Signal Pistol (by C. Lee)
- Signal Pistol Leather Holster (Heritage Leather?)
- Cipher Wheels (by anyone)
- Cipher Reels (by Don Markle)
- Signal Flags - 2' square, 4' square, & 6' square (by Mrs. Joiner)
- Coston Flares - Inert (by Walt Mathers)
- Coston Flares - Inert - Cutaway For Display Purposes (by Walt Mathers)
- Copper Fuel Canteen (by Peter Goebbel - any idea if they used a cork stopper, or had something different?)
- Picket Signal Lantern (by C. Lee)
- Torches - with all accessories (?)
- Equipment bag (pattern & instructions)
- Coins (by C. Lee)
- Currency - Confederate & Federal (by C. Lee)
- Identification Disks - private issue for Federals (by C. Lee)

Articles For Publication
- The Role Of The Signal Corps In The Civil War (an overview)
- The Technology & Use Of Signal Flags
- The Technology & Use Of Signal Torches
- The Signal Pistol & The Coston Flare
- The Cipher Wheel
- The Cipher Reel
- The Telegraph: In The Field & Back Home
- The Beardslee Telegraph Experiment
- The Signal Corps In Civil War Reenacting
- The Signal Corps: Telegraph Technology Attracting Visitors To Early Electrical Technologies

Locate reliable sources for good quality items, including:
- Binoculars
- Telescopes
- Tripods For Telescopes
- Compass (by Blockade Runner?)
- Pocket Watch (by Jason Townsend & Sons)
- Signal Corps Patch
- Signal Corps Buttons (for Federal, those would be Staff Officer buttons - tunic buttons for sack coats or frock coats, cuff buttons for roundabouts or mounted services jackets, cuff buttons for kepis, and three cuff buttons for each cuff on roundabouts r frock coats)
- Pens, Pen Nibs, Ink, Ink Wells, & Pencils (by Authentic Models or C. Lee)
- Leather Haversack
- Scissors
- Screwdriver (anyone have a source for period-looking screwdrivers?)
- Turpentine Funnel (can this be a copper funnel? if so, then perhasp Goose Bay / Peter Goebbel)
- Pliers (anyone have a souce for period-looking pliers?)
- Writing Kit (by Authentic Models)
- Stationery (plain) (by Sullivan Press)
- Envelopes (plain, Confederate, & Federal) (by Sullivan Press)
- Notebook or Journal (by Sullivan Press)
- Folding Chairs
- Compass (by Blockade Runner?)
- Spare Wicks
- Primer (by Sullivan Press)
- Spencerian Writing Course Or Video (Mott Media or Vision Quest)
- Blankets (did the Signal Corps have its own design, or did it use the same government issue blankets as the Artillery, Cavalry, or the Infantry?)
- Sewing Kit
- Pocket New Testament
- US flag (34 star) (would the Signal Corps have flown its own - and would it have been a rectangular flag or a swallowtail?)

Plans, Patterns & Instructions
- Telegrapher's Desk
- Telegrapher's Chair
- Cloth or Canvas Equipment Bags For Torches, Flags, Writing Kit, & Other Related Equipment
- Telegraph Poles (when trees aren't handy - plans and instructions)
- Rags (information only on authentic types of fabric to use)

- Write a script about the Signal Corps during the war, and suggest scenes for a local PBS affiliate to film using your group of reenactors. PBS affiliates often seek funding and grants to make "local interest" programming. Often, that "local programming" is what gets a PBS affiliate station manager recognized in the PBS pool, and the profits from selling their local programming to other affiliates not only provides their local station with income, but is often what leads to better jobs for station managers at other PBS locales. Our local PBS affiliate is now waiting for grant money to make a documentary on our Confederate Artillery unit, both the original and the reenacting version of it. It CAN be done, but you need to be well prepared to give them the idea and direction.

Chuck Lee

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