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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/20/2002 14:36:43 CDT
Subject: RE: Yes! How about torches?

Message Detail:
I believe it's Richmondville Tinsmith or Tin Works or something like that - a fellow makes CAMPAIGN torches, but I've not seen Signal torches on his site. His campaign torches are startlingly much like the "Tiki" torches or patio torches that have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity over the last four or five years (at least here in the South).

I made a set of twenty campaign torches - sans imprinted message, such as "Lincoln And Liberty" or "God Save The South" - three years ago. They were easy to fabricate because the lower portions looked exactly like little tin buckets (pint size, I believe) sold at Walmart for under $2 (so I bought 'em there), and the tops were simple oil lamp wick mechanisms that cost less than $3 at Ace Hardware. I removed the buckets' bales, made a slightly conical shaped top for each one with a hole for the wick mechanism (a round wick, not flat braided), soldered it to the bucket, and was close to done. I had to make a relatively rigid "C"-shaped wire that was fed through a hole drilled in a pole, and the ends of the wire were poked into the sides of the bucket where the bale ends had once been placed. In that way, the campaign torch could swing and remain upright, so long as you tipped it in the right direction.

Those were real handy for lighting up a dance area outdoors, or holding a political rally or religious service (which we did that first night I brought them out). The torches appear as if they'll be even easier to make, though, if I understand correctly what I've seen of Mr. Harbin's work on Mr. Bock's site, and what I've read in Brown's book.

You know, Richmondville Tinsmith (or whatever the name is) might be real interested in making Signal torches. His campaign torches aren't too costly, though he does work sort of slowly (not complaining here, as I do, He doesn't wholesale to anyone, so I won't be asking him with a future profit motive in mind for myself. But I'll ask him if he has made any, or if he'd be interested in expanding his line. He might be someone to look at having make Lanterns, too - though I think I'd like to try my hand at it first.

Chuck Lee

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