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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 06/20/2002 13:05:50 CDT
Subject: RE: Anyone making these lanterns?

Message Detail:

If I recall rightly, the lantern shown up at the OCWVA site is not being manufactured in tin.

A company in India or Pakastan has produced a version for the Franklin Mint Collection which has found its way into the hands of some Civil War sutlers. In most respects (from glossy pictures I've seen) it appears to be an excellent copy of a mid-to-late century lamp.

Now the down side: It is made of a heavy gauge brass and supports a clear lens instead of a cloudy one. I've not noted the burning pot but suspect that it was not crafted with the eye for historical correctness. I hope I am mistaken on this account though.

Chuck, I know your thoughts and the answer is jump to it Lad! We really need somone to make tin lanterns of this type available to not only signallists (who would then be able to pass the fire marshall's scrutiny at some windy event or they could be supplimented for torches at shipboard operations) but to the hundreds of other re-enactor's who'd want a cheaper (and lighter weighing) means of seeing their way down the long and winding re-enactor's road.

I have a few of these gems as part of my kit and I can tell you that they double nicely as body warmers when placed up under your great coat skirts out on picket duty.

Anyone interested in renting one of these min-stoves can call up my station prior to posting at the grand out-posts or vedette shebangs.

Let 'em shine boys! Or close off the the concentrated beam of light using the little slide knob. Incidentally, were you aware that one of the many names this light was given actually stuck and is used to-day by many not knowing its' history. The bullseye, picket, boat, rail-road, police and signal lamp is to-day called the ...... flash-light.

Makes for a nice touch when giving living history presentations huh? I can tell you from experience, the crowd loves it too.

From one with a tin ear for such things,

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