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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 06/20/2002 12:00:29 CDT
Subject: Speaking of Documents...

Message Detail:

As with Ted, my hat is off to you as well for the intense amount of time you have been able to devote to the study of Albert James Myer. I'm certain that Signal Corps Associate Paul J. Scheips would echo the same were he on-line with us.

It takes a group devoted to the mission (and not themselves) to pull off the un-thinkable. Much of what we enjoy to-day is through the herculean efforts of Ted Wagner. Before Ted took the bull by the horns and created such a marvelous signal site for SCA/SCARD, it was a long road from event-to-event, postal letter-by-letter. We did have the montly newsletter "Signal Cipher" and still do, thanks to the dedication of one very-able Lisa Cristofich and her many newsletter contributors. but through Ted's excellent webbery skills, SCARD has been placed on the hightest of cyber-hills and continues to shine brightly day-after-day.

You Sir, and others have seen the glint from afar and have traveled over the electrons to have your own gander. As more and more are drawn to the light, more and more will be revealed not only to re-enactors but also many researchers such as yourself.

The SCA/SCARD web presence has helped a number of other signal sites get their start, whether it came from our re-print of Brown's signal history, our bibliography, SCARD's cyber-text 1864 signal manual production or even with SCARD drawings through which items such as torches have been fabricated for use by signal re-enactors.

Yes Ray, you (and those like you) "ARE" the Signal Corps Association (1860-1865) and we are so glad that you seek to share your research, your contributions and your well received comments of appreciation of your fellow researchers. You mean a lot to this group. Stay hot with those E-wires. Feedback an acknowledgement, and encouragement is important.

Very Respectfully Yours
Walt Mathers
73 & 30

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