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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 06/19/2002 10:18:11 CDT
Subject: Recognizing SCARD's Value as a Clear'g House

Message Detail:

On behalf of the code originator, Stephen Siemsen, and the rest of the SCARD for Lunch Bunch, you're most welcome to the explanation of the Medical Emergency Code. And, you couldn't have hit the nail more squarely on the head with wishing that someone would, "... formally write this up in a document that can be passed around". If you have been listening intently (and I think this so), Chuck Lee also has one of his hammers out of the sack and has nail'd this same request to the tree down in his neck of the woods.

SCARD is beginning to blossum again. Ken, Chip, Chuck and others are pooling their information as they form a uniform guidelines committee. Others are looking at how they too can get onboard and strike for the Cause of 1860's Period Functional Field Communications.

Ted, my personal situation has changed since the days when you literally had to draw the information out of me like a hospital corpsman drawing blood. I can type (a little now) and I have a scanner at SCARD archive so at least I have access to cyber orbiting and an occasional docking proceddure instead of having you transcribe notes during a tether'd land voice line communication.

Then too, we have been blessed with Mr. Rosen as our webserver and this excellent forum by Messrs. Bean and Woodcook on top of the excellent site you created. In keeping with your request to have the Medical Emergency Code & a description of using it, is being ready'd to receive many more courses of brick. The "MM" Code will definitely be there too.

Our offering began with the hands of few. We're now having other bricklayers coming 'on-line' to share and allow signallists everywhere to reap the benefit of our many trials. I've seen some of the test pages for the new SCA/SCARD research/re-enacting web pages and can say that it is impressive.

We're really happy that your employment situation has changes to a degree that you can occasionally post up with us. Even though Summer is offically here, its beginning to feel like Spring to me.

Best Regards,


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Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)
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