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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 11/22/2005 11:05:44 EDT
Subject: Welcome Event Co-ordinator Chris Anders - Got Your Ears On?

Message Detail:
hi Chris,

Hope your event planning has been going smoothly.

Some of the the following comments were made by you Chris (see: View Parent Message for some more details), but in the following remarks about a sort of dicussion involving folks who were caught up in both sides of an arguement, all came to the conclusion that the issue must be black and white. Read all the way down because I'd like to equate the issue below with the use of having functional signal operators on the field for scenario sequencing...... Tnx, Your remarks follow....

"There were several females, very obvious at that, spotted at the [Summer of '62 event] review. Orders were written and sent out reminding commanders of the rules and regs, and that they were to be enforced.

One company sent up a protest, I went down and talked to the CO, the LT Col, and the major.

I explained that unlike many events, these rules are being enforced, but that I appreciated his position.

It was not a good position for any of us, as the other 900 plus participants expected rules to be enforced.

We worked out a compromise, that being the one battle that the unit in question would be within 20 yards of the public, that the women would nto take the field.

For the other battles where they were farther away or there were no public present, they could participate.

I did not like that, they did not like that.

Right before the battle, the captain and first sgt of the company in question came to HQ to chat. They said they understood ruels, but that thier company had voted to leave.

I said I understood, and had my staff, my AIG staff arrange a ride for them back to participant parking so they did not have to walk, and allowed them to bring their cars into camp and load up while we fought Brawners Farm.

I did everything I could to accomidate them once they had voted to leave.

Rules must be enforced, or choas will reign. And leaving the "gray" area we did in women not being noticed does not work.

After dicussion with those who were caught up in it for on both sides of the arguement, we all came to the conclusion that the issue must be black and white.

Let them all in, or none. This was a painful learning experience on my part, but moving forward no women will be allowed to portray male soldiers at any event I organize, whether cph or other. Unless they can provide me with prior documentation of such, or we have 26,000 men on the field and then we will allow one woman.

This might keep some group and or companies away from the event, but at least they will not feel we treated them poorly.

They stated they did not see the rules and regualations, I dod not see how, as to get to the registration form you had to read through the regs first and click an I agree button, and then sign your registration from agreeing to abide by the regs.

See rule 14 on this page, and then notice the I agree button-

I perhaps did not do my part by trying to compromise, and if that is true, that is my fault. But I tried to fairly handle the situation.

This is a sticky issue, and the truth be told, it was honorable for that unit to abide by the rules,and not have the obvious women take the field, and for that I thank them.

I spent most of the weekend dealing with it, and next time there will be no gray area.

No one was treated poorly by my staff, I can assure you, but the rules were enforced.

If they are not, why bother? Let the indians the vikings and the huns take over."
He further adds though...
"For historical scenarios, we are no more than actors on a stage, and not some form of reality TV. As such a "general" is more of a stage manager, and needs good communication with key folks.

I now use engineers to accompany each force commander, with a radio, so they can get instant information, orders and any scenario adaptions. My Chief Engineer controls the ring and stands by me at all times. Hand held raidos are cheap and easy and work very well, and the troops never see them because the engineers are told how and when to use them."

To the above this actor seeks clarification please ....

Since no women will be allowed to portray male soldiers at any event you organize, whether cph or other, albeit unless they can provide you with prior documentation of such, or there are 26,000 men on the field and then you will allow one woman, how do you then justify discernable your engineers lunching on radio sandwiches?

Now just imagine that "There were several [insert the word radios - not] females, very obvious at that, spotted at the [Summer of '62 event]. Orders were written and sent out reminding commanders of the rules and regs, and that they were to be enforced." Imagine that! lol 10-4?

Walt Mathers

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