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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/18/2002 17:45:25 CDT
Subject: RE: A Flag Size Question - Puzzled

Message Detail:
If I recall correctly - and man, is that ever a long shot - weren't bolts of material in the 1850s / 60s in something like 22 1/2" widths?

I'm not sure if my wife would make me an honors flag if I had to take apart any others she might have made. I'm not sure that "honors" or "honor" would have entered into any discussions for a while after that - at least, not applied to

Then again, my wife DID make us two tents and a tent fly.

Steve, that's some pretty fascinating information. I had no idea how they revealed BOTH sides of the center square. I guess I should go take a closer look at the flags Ms. Joiner made for me and act like I know what I'm looking for. My wife will be so impressed - and I owe you one, Steve.

I'm not trying to compete with Ms. Joiner or take food off her plate - I plan on patronizing her, even if my wife goes nuts and decides she'd like to sew Signal I need to support the folks who do the real work and research and make affordable goods. I hope for that from others when I do metal castings, and I can do no less for others. I sure am not going to "reverse engineer" her flags, but I need to know more about how they were made so I don't sound as bumfuzzled when spectators ask me questions.

Thanks for the insight and the information, Steve.

Chuck Lee

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