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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/18/2002 17:11:12 CDT
Subject: RE: Recognizing Competence w/SCARD's Medical Emergency Code

Message Detail:
Holy cow!

That's very impressive! Is all of this going to be available in a downloadable format, or a hard copy that we can buy? Make it available for sale - a couple of bucks won't keep anyone from going to an event.

You know, it seems to me that a little "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Signal Corps (reenacting, with some historical background) But Were Afraid To Ask" booklet - not pamphlet, but BOOKLET - would do a world of good if printed and sold to sutlers to be resold to whomever had the $4.95 (retail). You know, like the 500 other little booklets produced by so many online experts for subjects that cover almost everything under the sun. Make it a half-sheet (8.5" X 5.5") size, 40 pages, with a cheap cover, possibly punched and held together like the Beadle's vooklets, and sell it to the sutlers for something around $2.25 or $2.50 a copy. Sell it for $4.95 retail plus shipping & handling on the SCA / SCARD site (don't worry - Paypal or Billpoint will pretty much eat up the profits on that).

Supply the pre-concerted codes that will be eternal, like the laws of the Medes and the Persians - "It changeth not, it standeth forever" - and you can accomplish two goals. First, the basic, most important codes will be available to folks who want them, and for not a lot of shekels. Second, devote three pages in there (or whatever the magic number is) to promoting the SCARD agenda of educating the public and reenactors alike about the Signal Corps; make the case briefly for flagmen at reenactments; advertise Signal flags, Brown's book, Pocket telegraph sets, camelback telgraph sets, signal pistols (okay, I have a vested interest in this latter, and refer the reading world to the SCARD website, SCA / SCARD membership, the Signal Cipher, and... well, make folks pay to find out more about what SCARD is all about.

When this sort of literature hits the sutleries and gets reviewed by The Watchdog, what impact do you think that will have on SCARD and the reenacting public in general? Following on the heels of the articles in - was it *Military Images*? - that will give a directed focus on contemporary reenacting of the Signal Corps.

Write an article to send to Civil War News about the efforts SCARD is making in establishing the next generation, or next evolution, of reenacting in its efforts to be more recognized and utilized in its historical context. Tell the stories of how flagmen accomplished what squawk boxes could not at events. Send them some pictures of some good looking Signal Corps reenactors (if you ever saw me, you'd know I'm not promoting myself here). Get a sharp photo of a good looking woman in a day dress about to plant a kiss on a good looking flagman, or something along those lines - sell the idea that Signal Corps soldiers are appealing on EVERY (I laugh, but I mean it!) Give Marilyn something to work with.

Chuck Lee

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