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Posted By: John Schultz on: 09/26/2005 22:07:20 EDT
Subject: You always get more......

Message Detail:

......if you give more and are nice!

It's a principle that has proven itself true over time.

"We" are not in the position to force anybody to do anything at all in any way shape or form.

All "We" can do is try to get together and create something useful that will FIRST win over those signalists out there who dont particularly care for SCARD and then, with time and patience on our part, win over certain National Level Commanders who don't particularly care to use Signalists for all that they are worth. Keep in mind that "we" can't pursue the second until we have the first accomplished.

What do "We" produce? Qualification Standards accompanied by quality video(dvd and video) and audio (cd and cassettes) that people can take HOME and USE and LEARN FROM. Something to stimulate people away from events and yearly or semi-annual training sessions.

There exists a 'framework' for these qualification standards online right now. It's been around in one form or another for almost 3 years now.

CLICK HERE to view them.

Each "Qualification Level" will have a Qualification booklet with accompanying written, dvd, video or audio material. People have to study their material and then follow the booklet performing specific things in the presence of a qualified 'trainer' in order to be advanced. Now when I say 'advanced' I certainly do NOT mean advanced in RANK.

sidebar-> Rank, Weapons usage, Uniforms are all things that "we" can certainly point out historical information on - but those (and other) issues "we" need to just leave alone - PERIOD.

Folks - I've harped on this over the years. Either get onboard - or let it go. Heck - the only reason I bring it up is to proove my point.

We can't force people - we have to give them something. After all it's what we should be doing for posterity's sake. CREATE something that can easily be built upon.

How many of you out there have little tricks and things to make learning easier? Surely everybody! Maybe we could SHARE that information.......

I'll head this up if you like. However, I have very pointed goals for this and if it's going to be 'overdone' by too many - then I'll wash my hands of it (yet again) and it will (yet again) fall by the wayside until it's brought up.........

For the system to work there has to be an organization.

It'd be nice if SCARD would fit that bill.

"Trainers" need to be "Certified" by somebody. You can't just 'dub' somebody a trainer or the qualifications they give out wont be consistent.

"Scard" (through the web-site) should keep everything organized. Walt's got a file cabinet drawer he can use to keep qual-sheet front pages for history's sake.

"Trainers" should exist in each participating unit. The unit CO should be consulted and asked whom it should be and "we" need to trust him.

WHO ARE WE?? I think Walt quoted me on that one so I wont repeat it. . .

More importantly who makes up the "WE"??

SCARD web-site says: "The SCA is an association of like-minded individuals who desire the works and accomplishments of those individuals who served in America's War of the Rebellion to be preserved for future generations, educators, students, geneologists, and re-enactors/living historians. " That's our listed purpose and I like it! It defines who should be making up the "WE"!

EEEEEEk - I just read the rest of that page! Most of it speaking about state reps REALLY needs to go.

I dont care who my state rep is. I want to know what units are near me. (I know they're listed now)Our "Goals and Objectives" speak more about State Reps than Signals........ By reading that - it almost seems like "State Reps" are elected or something - cuz if they're that important to get their own web-page with picture and everything - they must be! C'mon - state reps...... tsk tsk tsk. UNITS and PARTICIPANTS are what we need - not paragraph after paragraph of State Reps!

Here's another version - more succinct - and NOT dealing with State reps that I came up with.

Click here to view

Folks - we dont need more than that.

If we 'organize' any further - or offer the preponderance of sucn - I'm afraid that some in the hobby will deam it as 'control' by an individual or small group of individuals and we just can't have that.

Now - I've stuck my big size thirteen brogans out. Just know that as you ready prepare and write your counter-attacks that it only undermines the "us" who are made up of "we" as defined above.


Your Obedient Servant,

John E. Schultz

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