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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/24/2005 18:18:19 EDT
Subject: RE: Welcome Chris Anders

Message Detail:
Hi Chris,

Your keen insights are well taken here (and I really mean that too as most field commanders pat some of those who read these posts on the back and tell them what a good job thety do and then turn around and check their hand-set's squench). Again thank you for sharing your thoughts on this discussion board.

Didn't you say (see: View Parent Message) that you "have never seen signal corps at a c/p/h event, and have wondered why."? Yet you mentioned in another post of seeing Bob Denton's signal group at McDowell in 2003 working desperately on transmitting a battle scenario (I don't think they were exactly your words but it was the picture conveyed to my mind's eye).

Don't mean to put you on the spot but do you consider Mr. Denton's folks to be c/p/h? If they aren't, I don't know who'd be, as I am certain our associate Tom McDonald wouldn't also.

In addition, but conversely, if you believe that "there is a need for a hard core signal group....yes [you] believe there is." in what capacity would they function? Ought we emphasis the word NEED and if so how would such a need be defined by someone such as yourself>> ?

Would you think that tacticals would be their ideal place of operatios and, if so, you suppose it would work to pull them off of the "Use Only At Tacticals" shelf and expect them to carry the day obnly because radios would not be availalbe as they would for every other event?

The only real difference between our thinking is that you don't believe signals can deliver in real-time and I know that they already have and can continue to do so.

Like uniforms, there are button holes and there are 'button-holes'.

Walt Mathers

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