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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/24/2005 15:42:24 EDT
Subject: RE: Prelude to 2005 Cedar Creek Event

Message Detail:
Hi John,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts concerning this on-going situation of Over-all commanders BEWARE..

Individually, and like you, most of us don't have a whole lot of answers either, but collectively we can seek them out by being honest first with ourselves and then with one another. Is collective thought a breech of military intelligence?

In your last, you have said what many might have thought but otherwise have choosen not to express. It is interesting to note, however, that we do collectively realize the very glaring questions before us and we can't help thinking about them (well some of us anyhow) if we continually find ourselves in the same revealing situations, event-after-event, year-after-year.

You know John you are right on the money here too:

"... it seems many commanders see us as just another group of obscure impressionists."

Some of us THINK we are useful at some of the larger events when those we are assigned to help come along and pat us on the back following a scenario but deep down we really know how and why they used radios at the events we supposedly attended to serve as 'signallists'.

The question: Why weren't we utilized the way we were trained to do, or somehow thought we should have been used and the over-all commanders ought to have known instinctively how best we could have been of service?

The answer: They couldn't depend on us as a collective group and couldn't rely on us to come through in the clutch when they needed us most. Chris Anders is but one of many folks. How long do you want to look without seeing?

Is there a better way to MAKE OURSELVES effective? Well without becoming ORGANIZED we continue, as John so pointedly states, to serve as "just another group of obscure impressionists." As a group of INDIVIDUALISTS we are COLLECTIVELY choosing to remain obscure, in some cases, not cyberly listed as being on the very staffs we claim to represent and not being relied upon every time someone in period attire sticks a radio up to their mouths.

THAT'S what our individualist groups are accomplishing. They've gotten rather good at it too, I'd say ... over the years.

Should we wait still another year as we did between these tow Cedar Creek? How much time should we give a festering sore to heal itself? Like a withering limb perhaps it is too late to be known in the re-enacting community as "... just another group of obscure impressionists." but a few of us have not given up. Will you join us in Gettysburg on November 19th? At one time during that epic 1863 clash, General Meade wouldn't change his head-quarters until he knew that a signal officer had set up a station there. We can do it too, and show all of the modern-day Meades that we have great worth - and we're going to commit to showing you too on November 19th.


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