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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/22/2005 14:48:07 EDT
Subject: RE: Chris Anders' Engineer Communicators Have Come Of Age

Message Detail:
Hi Chris,

Should I begin with QUIET ON THE SET! ... I'm adjusting my squelch?

Let me begin by quoting the last lines in your very lengthy post. You offer the remarks:

"If it takes using hidden radios to have scenarios come off like this, then that is what it takes. I am not willing to sacrifice this. Period communications have a place, battle control IS NOT IT. Things have moved, the hobby is changing."

Thanks for your continued quest for understanding the role of functional period communication Chris. We oft times do better communicating 'what we can do' when we are asked what it is we are capable of doing.

Your statement seems to imply that you already have it all figured out (and, as your postings imply - with portable radios too) when you said to our forum readers...

"... unless you have a 6-8 portable telegraphs that can ride beside officers on a horse there is no use for telegraph/signals in scenario control. The hobby has passed you by, and you are angry and absurd about it...."

You go on to say, "The days of just passing out first person [XXXXXXX] orders for historical scenarios is over by those who seet he light. We [You] manage the stage, troops have a great time, and the public sees a historical battle, not just the battle of something local... Just the signal folks have less to do. Sorry, that is how it is."

It is difficult to argue with a mindset such as this Chris but for ALL of the accolades you thought imparative to share with us I wish a morsel of counter advice that modesty entails the art of encouraging people to find out for themselves how wonderful you are.

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Walt Mathers

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