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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/21/2005 10:46:49 EDT
Subject: JohnnyZ's

Message Detail:

History Researchers be advised... The following post may not necessarily have anything to do with history.

I was going down memory lane searching for information in an earlier post when I came upon the following:

John Schultz on: 06/06/2003 09:43:22 EDT
Subject: Signal Corps Reenactors ORGANIZED!

It was part of a number of threads speaking of having no assemblage of rank in the address heading when posting on this forum (I agree as another re-enactors says, his rank is re-enactor - all other incidentals to insignia are impressions). It also spoke of goals without qualifying what such goals might be and

John's post was directed to mostly communication emulators and mainstream organizers since that is where John attends. Unless I am mistaken, so do the majority of our forum-posting signal re-enactors.

What type of groups we choose to align with or what type of events we choose to attend ought, in my opinion, to have absolutely nothing to do with the kind of historical service we should wish to deliver to those we serve wish to serve.

The question is however, if we can not use the name of SCARD upon which to base our goals where do we obtain our guidance? If we don't establish standards and a means to ensure qualification to enable detachments (from all across the country) to descend on any given event and be able to deliver the kind of service we long to enjoy, where and how do we find such standards and ensure that attendees meet the qualifications to deliver real-time service in a historical fashion?

Setting down guidelines for the government of signal and telegraph operators is something we may soon need to come to grips with. We have been a GROUP of INDIVIDUALS for too long and it has had disastrous effects on our collective credibility. For example - in the extreme, every rail road in the United States has its own rule book. The train and engine crews are not permitted to operate over foreign roads without a pilot who usually runs the locomotive himself. We seem to be operating over the roads of others without the knowledge of their rules and local customs for the events OTHER GROUPS host.

SCARD will either be a catalyst for change or it will be seen as a non-factor amongst its detractors who will thus ensure instability amongst the various factions and see the re-enacting community nail our coffin shut with the very nails we now hold in our hands.

The one thing that struck me as the main reason we aren't being used is not because of what others are not doing but it is on account of what we are not doing. The blame is ours. While others have voiced therir own version of concern about over-all commanders not using us to our/their best advantage, John reverberates what I have been saying for years. Its our fault not theirs. John says...

"WE" (our intrepid GROUP of INDIVIDUALISTS) are largely misunderstood by the mainline re-enactor community but we come here for guidance, help, to ask questions, and to learn as well as share our experiences with others. (so we already have a core of interested people who get out there and DO reenactments)"

WE oft times take freely 'portions' of the information found on the Signal Corps Association's web site. which portion or portions taken and embraced by the various portion-takers depends on their own personal views of what they'd like to use in the organizations they personally belong to. Is it wrong to not utter the word SCARD? I'd have to say yes to the mumming effect as some folks lack the ability to separate the promise of SCARD from the few old men who have been seen or viewed as preachers and not those who "get out there and DO reenactments."

A re-enactment is not the place to come to-gether to establish standards. It is not a place to film signal re-enactors if you are involved with the re-enacting of signals at the event.

In my opinion, we can be a part of finding the solution to having no standards if we don't address the failure of our own to address the issue of whether we ought to band to-gether under one umbrella or simeply have a lot of seperate umbellas we sometimes scurry between (like events) only to find out that things don't happen the same way under the bumpershoot we just arrived under.

JohnnyZ has once more echoed what a few of us have been saying for a number of years now...

""WE" (our intrepid GROUP of INDIVIDUALISTS) are largely misunderstood by the mainline re-enactor community..."

With a few new postings we now may know that this mighty mindset also extends to a number of those who occasionally claim, believe in, or profess 100% authenticity under the banner of c/h/p.

Think about changing an outlook... Think about SCARD as a vehicle of the united and to-gether wwe can make it happen; think about SCARD as the (... intrepid GROUP of INDIVIDUALISTS) and we'll continue to flounder and take on water until we slip beneath the waves as a re-enactors' division. Think it can't happen? Stay the present course and see. 3.3.3.

Walt Mathers

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Signal Corps Association Re-enactors' Division (1860-1865)

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