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Posted By: Ted Wagner on: 06/18/2002 07:52:59 CDT
Subject: RE: Is SCARD For Real?

Message Detail:
I will agree to a certain extent Walt, and make a suggestion. My suggestion first.

My suggestion is coming from someone (me) who started out reenacting on a VERY tight budget...and I know a lot of people can sympathise with that.

My suggestion is to not only have a LIST of items, but a LIST of sutlers to buy FROM. Case in point. I've come across several sutlers who sell stuff MUCH CHEAPER than others for the same exact thing. Also, I've seen folks sell BETTER stuff cheaper than the big guns. I mention this because I had a reference list from an authenic regiment about 12 years ago. That list was from folks who hand-made stuff and sold it, etc. Although good stuff, I couldn't afford a stitch of stuff they made. It did me no good other than to be a point of reference.

I think a uniform list is good. Like a gun, it can be bad depending on what it recommends. It's like that list I had years ago, what good was it to me? I couldn't afford anything on it. Well, I did buy one thing. I bought a forage cap that's one of the most authentic in the mid-west...I still have that cap, but it cost me nearly $150 to be custom made.

Another suggestion. The best of both worlds is to be a PART of a regular infantry unit. Why? Resources. If your infantry unit (or artillery, etc.) already has spare duds for first-timers, you have a resource for a way to borrow clothing. If you have resources to have extra duds in your own signal group, by all means, make your own resource. Also, the association with another group gives you access at events. ;-) shhhhhh ancient chinese secret!

Walt's reference to a MCF I've had many a view at reenactments. Mostly what he's referring to are the folks who are out there at an event, they're hooked and they have a credit card (I used to have credit cards, I could buy stuff, I just couldn't pay for that stuff, so I wasn't rich, just stupid. hehehehe). They also probably don't have anyone with them to guide them to say, "hey, don't buy from that sutler" or to tell them, "don't buy this now, wait a bit, you don't need this".... etc.

I think a list offering good clothing and good resources (sutlers) is a good idea. I'm a middle man. I don't like the "farbiness" of some folks, but I also don't like stitch-counters.

My favorite thing to say to someone is, "hey, this is a hobby, do you want to spend $250 on a pair of trousers that could be in a museum or do you want to spend $80 on trousers that are probably going to get muddy, sweaty, and probably only be cleaned once a year."

Of course, I've been a reenactor now for almost 10 years. Now that I've also moved up in the world, I CAN buy that fancy frock coat and a nice top-hat...still got to find one...but I can do that now. When I started out, I couldn't.

Oh, FYI everyone. We have one HUGE HUGE resource already listed for things you have to have. Iris Joyner (I think I spelled that right). I don't sew, my wife does, but she doesn't have time. Buy them from her. If after you get them, you want to make your own, you now have authentic templates from which you can make new ones.


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