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Posted By: David Winfred Gaddy on: 09/16/2005 20:41:54 EDT
Subject: RE: Welcome Chris Anders

Message Detail:
Mark, it probably never sank in with some who heard the term, "preconcerted signal(s)," or realized the difference between that type of signal and "spelling out" a msg letter-by-letter (w/ or w/o abbreviations and other conventions). If you and I agree that "charge" will be a raised red flag dipped twice, I'd be willing to bet that the msg can be delivered FASTER than with a cell phone call-up. And realistically, to boot. Clearly we've moved past the JC Penney gray (or blue) chinos, and clearly there are "button inspectors" who wouldn't let you in with the wrong ones, but when it comes to the credentials necessary to understand and apply the Myer-Alexander signals, we continue to see proof that that subj isn't part of the lessons in "Command 101." As Sherman once said, "What's a 'signal corps'?" One hundred and forty-some years later, that question seems still to resonate.
Let's see now, instead of trained buglers, we could get one of those little "clip-on" jobbies that play a perfect recording of Taps when switched on. And probably better black powder and sound effects than with the real thing. Heck, why are those heavy old replica muskets needed if we can do that? Man, this is the ELECTRONIC AGE--we don't really need that primitive, old-fashioned stuff, do we? Better yet, why sweat? How about "virtual reality re-enactment," the thinking man's vicarious experience. Wheee! Wouldn't have to leave your screen. What was it you guys call this hobby again?
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