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Posted By: M Hageman on: 09/16/2005 14:55:20 EDT
Subject: RE: Welcome Chris Anders

Message Detail:
Mark, should we not expect the scenario honcho under such circumstances to explain why he did NOT have signals present?

Well I don't really expect them to explain, even if asked.

Simply put, most senario honcho's look only two directions- Big Bang Artillery, and large numbers of Infantry. If there be a four legged animal present in which to sit upon, well that will be worked in, even if it stops the battle.

The big problem I see is that without the big bang and large number of troops (properly atired or not) are all that is important to them.

Is it ignorance of what can be (was)accomplished via the signal corps? Mostly YES and slightly, they don't give a hoot about signal private snuffy, his hours of practice and study, detail of equipment, message documentation, etc, etc.- we don't go bang.

What I don't undersatand is why.
We are there for one reason, to help them carry out what they want done. We don't create the senerio, move troops, or for that matter, send an order message, unless specifically directed by those "running the show"!

We are there to help. We want to help. We are another set of eyes, able to communicate to the troops cross or interline, as may be needed by command. We are able to let them know what and when things are happening, within eye site or out of site via relay signals.
We have done it, and it works.

The more involved we are with knowing what and when the command wants done, the faster and smoother it can be done, at an instant, upon given the order.

God I love Signals, just wish the honcho's would lead for success of everyone and not to add to a resume, or who had the loudest bang, moved the most troops, spent the most money, or has the best farby radio.

Funny how things like buttons are discussed in detail, but communications- heck, lets use radio's-

Wainting for the day, with free cell service on weekends, when all the staff will just call up on a conferance call before the battle, wear ear pieces and be in constant digital communications.

(Hey thats bianry isn't it? Kind of like our two element code)

Expect an answer no, expect a chance- yes

M Hageman

9/10/05 Long Acres Signal Tower

Yes, Functional Signals were used the entire event

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