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Posted By: M Hageman on: 09/15/2005 09:54:10 EDT
Subject: RE: Welcome Chris Anders

Message Detail:
A very interesting yet, very sad commentary. (see previous post)

1) Dedicated signallists also spend a large amount of money to attend events and wish to take part in what they portray, practice and enjoy. (money has never been an issue when an event has been placed on our unit schedule, $500 -$1,000 for the weekend is not out of the question).
2) As with any group, the ability level, practice, and know-how does indeed vary. We for one strive to be the best, three to four full direct messages per minute sent and received via flag communications can and have been accomplished within our group.
3) Discounting signallists for communications to me is a cop-out, and as it may deter pvt snuffy from attending another event, it also deters signallist who attend and have no functional purpose.


Include functional signallist to communicate command and control between staff, if command feels that the radio’s are needed for back-up- use them. I personally think raising the bar here and putting pressure on the various signal units to get the job done will only enhance entire events. Here in WNY we don’t see radio’s much, if at all when we take the field- we can and do get the job done.

We all want to come away from an event satisfied that we did not waste our time, energy and efforts, why is it that signals are not given the chance to do what we spend our time, money and energy on?

If no accomplished signal units are available, you have no choice but to dig out the motorola’s. But by golly, give those who are dedicated to 1860-1865 FUNCTIONAL SIGNALS a chance!

I'll just keep doing what I do in the field, getting in the commanders face, and proving signals DO WORK.

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