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Posted By: Tom McDonald on: 09/14/2005 20:21:45 EDT
Subject: RE: If You Have Soft Skin - Disregard This Post

Message Detail:
Mr. Gertner,

There are no moderators here (that I know of) to delete your posts but usually on other boards your kind of message would have been deleted now. Attacking users of this board in that matter is not what this forum was made for. It was made to freely discuss ideas for the signal corps community and overall reenactor community.

Chris Anders has put on and taken part in several fine events in the past years. I have never met him but I have heard his name talked of highly. No one deserves personal attack on a public board.

Now on to signal corps activity: I think using signals appropriately at the place and time they would have been used is the only way to go. Unless performing a living history or events like DC and Harpers Ferry where it is appropriate to have fixed signal stations, where they were used throughout the war so you have leeway (SP?) in that direction.

In all Ive read it is very unlikely that signals would be used to direct small troop movements like they are used at some reenactments (cedar Creek, gettysburg) at other events (mcdowell) stations were maintaned as a living history, not part of a military scenario. At at another type (Recon) signal/telegraph was used in a tactical situation quite well. That is when signals and communication can really pay off.

Just my thoughts,

Tom McDonald

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