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Posted By: Clive Gertner on: 09/14/2005 18:38:06 EDT
Subject: RE: If You Have Soft Skin - Disregard This Post

Message Detail:
Hello, I'm sorry to butt in like this and I am somewhat new to this hobby by a few years but after reading some of these messages I've just got to ask the anders fellow just who in the heck died and handed you the crown of knowitallism?
I mean you act like the sun rises and sets in your backside there cesar!
I swear if you walked into a clinic talking like you did in one of your messages I'd swear that you were smoking crack!
You need to step back and take a reality check there pardner because your living in a fantasy you think you are some kind of general. I would probably even go as far as to say that the closest thing you have ever come to actual military service or actual leadership was reading Sgt. Rock comic books.
Maybe you should go out to hollywood or maybe if you suck up to ted turner real nice he'll apoint you lord knowitall for his next true to life epic.
I'm sorry if I offended any of you other good folks I just can't stand seeing these little hitlers pulling this kind of stuff.
No one can play in their sand box unless he waves his hand and allows you to become a part of his magical production! Give me a break. I thought that this signal stuff might be interesting to try but not if this Bozo is running the circus.
I'll finish now and probably won't be back.
C.W. Gertner
Anderson S.C.
12th Ga.

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